Colloid Mill is an ideal and perfect homogenizer-cum-emulsifier. It finds its application in various processes like grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing, extracting etc. Outstanding and rigid design criteria combined with excellent quality of workmanship of colloid mill automatically ensures superior end product. It is suitable for small, medium, as well as large batches of production.

Known For


Technical Specifications

Model PTCM - 5 (Vertical) PTCM-5 (Horizontal)
Output 120 to 12000 Kgs. / Shift. 120 to 12000 Kgs./Shift.
Particle Size Reduction 5 to 10 Microns. 5 to 10 Microns.
Hopper Capacity 15 Liters. 15 Liters.
Motor 3Hp/2850 RPM/3Ph 3Hp/2850 RPM/3Ph