Stainless Steel Reactor

Jay Pharma Equipments offers high performing Reactors, which are serving in adhesives processing, agriculture, chemical processing, cosmetics, food and beverages production, paints and coatings, paper and pulp processing. Modifications such as the addition of baffles to increase mixing shear have been made to these types of blenders. Each cylindrical leg has an access cover for easy material loading and cleaning.

Types Of Reaction Vessel :

Special Features of Vessels Reactor :

Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

With an experience of nearly three decades, in providing solutions for the chemical process industry, Dipesh Engineering Works is ideally placed to offer you well engineered and optimum vacuum dryers to suit your application.

Our Rotocone Vacuum Dryers have C-GMP finish construction with an enclosed drive unit preinsulated and cladded with SS304 monoblock. They come with complete automation including safety interlock, batch records, vacuum and temperature control.

We also make other dryers like:

In addition, we supply accessories like Cyclone Separator, High Vacuum Pump and Condenser, Heating and Cooling , System required for solvent recovery of complete system.

Rotocone Vacuum Dryer :

Our Rotocone Vacuum Driers have total C-GMP finish construction with an enclosed drive unit preinsulated and clodded with SS304 monoblock. Available in SS, Hastelloy, Teflon-Coaled & Helar Coating construction. The drier is available with choppers / lump breakers. Our RCVD is provided with Mechanical Seal for hot water / Steam inlet and outlet.

Special Features of Rotocone Vacuum Dryer :