Decotion Vessels

The extractor can be applied to plant/herbal extraction in Chinese Traditional Medicine, foodstuff, chemical industry and so on. Equipped with an mixing system, it features higher efficiency,time-saving quality and high content of liquid drug in extraction.

The equipment can be used in Chinese Traditional Medicine, foodstuff and chemical industry. It can be applied to various processes as follows: drug-decocting under normal pressure or low pressure, digeratur, thermal refluxing, forced circulation, infiltration, extraction of aromatic oil, reclaim of organic solvent and etc. This device features higher efficiency, time-saving quality and high content of liquid drug in the course of extraction. The equipment employs the types of impeller blade and paddle blade as its agitation system. Using excellent materials, the device is widely applied to pharmacy, foodstuff and chemical industry.

Technical parameter :

Parameter DTQ1.0 DTQ2.0 DTQ3.0 DTQ6.0
L capacity 1200 2500 3600 6500
MPa Design pressure insides tank 0.09
MPa Design pressure inside jacket 0.3
m2 Heating area 3.1 4.2 6.8 10.5
m2 Condensing area 5 5 8 10
m2 Cooling area 1 1 1 1.5
m2 Filtering area 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.5
kw Mixing power 3 4 5.5 7.5
rpm Mixing speed 63
mm Dregs outlet opening diameter 800 800 800 1000

Boiling Kettles

Starch Paste Kettle Will Be Made Out Of S.S. 304 Rectangular Pipes Of 3 Mm Thk And Will Be An Independent Resting Type Frame Work Where No Foundation Will Be Required. The Kettle Will Be A Hemispherical Type Bowl With Either Steam / Oil / Water Heating Jacket Will Be Provded. The Kettle Will Be Manufactured From 2.5 Mm Thk S.S. 304 Sheet And The Jacket Will Be Of 2.5 Mm Mild Steel (In Case Of Steam Jacket The Thickness Will Be 4 Mm) . There Will Be Oil / Water Heated Fitted At The Back Bottom Side Of The Kettle. The Kettle Will Be Having A Worm Type Arrangement For Tilting . A Temperature Controller And A Temp Indicator Will Be Provided For Temp Control And Indication. The Kettle Will Be Insulated With 50 Mm Thk Glasswool Insulation And Claded With 16 Swg S.S. 304 Sheet. Kettle Will Be Buffed To 150 Grit Matt Finish Externally And Internally The Kettle Will Be Buffed To 220 Grit Mirror Finish

Optionals Available :

Capacities Available :

From 10 Ltrs To 2000 Ltrs Capacity.


Basically This Unit Is Used For Preparation Of Starch Paste. Hemispherical Shape Ensures That The Heating Of The Starch Paste Is Uniform And Gets More Surface Area. The Tilting Type Arrangement Ensures Ease In Unloading The Paste Into Any Container Or Vessel. The Starch Is Put In The Kettle And Water Is Added Till Desired Thickness Is Achieved. The Kettle Is Jacketed And Is Heated Till Till The Starch Melts And A Thick Paste Is Achieved. This Paste Can Be Agitated Either Manually Or With The Help Of A Anchor Type Agitator Which Will Constantly Stir The Paste So That There Will No Lumps Formation And Proper Mixing Is Achieved.

Temperature Can Be Set To Desired Temp By Adjusting The Thermostat Provided And The Temperature Can Be Seen In The Dial Thermometer Provided.

Capsule Section

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